Wamesit Lanes



Wamesit Honored as Best New Center

Wamesit receives Honorable Mention for Best Center in the 32nd Annual Architecture and Design Awards.

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CASSIDY SWANSON REPORTED in the Lowell Sun that Wamesit Lanes, our other honoree for “Best Exterior,” features “a stone detailing, reclaimed wood beams, and a replica of the Pow-Wow Oak tree that once stood in Lowell’s Belvidere neighborhood, which is believed to have served as a meeting place for the Wamesit Native American tribe and a milepost for American Revolutionary War soldiers.” Boasting 45,000 square feet and 60 patio seats, 82 TVs, an arcade packed with 59 games, five golf simulators and a mix of regular and candlepin bowling, Wamesit Lanes is bound to be a milepost for patrons far and wide. Manufacturer highlights: Brunswick Pro Lane; Brunswick Center Stage furniture, Sync scoring system and GS-X pinsetters.






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